For us, cashmere is as valuable as the most precious gemstone and as sophisticated as the best vintage of wines. However, entrepreneurship is what makes the difference in our company.

Our knitwear is a labor of love, and after using the most sophisticated and precise machinery available for weaving, each garment is then hand sewn with great attention to detail.

A single thread of wool can become a finished product in many different ways. Our impeccable know-how is what allows that single thread to become a stand-out garment, a symbol of “Made in Italy” appreciated all over the world.

We distinguish ourselves by selecting contrasting materials that unexpectedly work together, and in the ways our smooth lines give shape to a powerful yet delicate style. We envelope our customers in novel yet sophisticated garments, but we are always mindful that the woman who wears Parronchi Cashmere is an icon of style.

Our company philosophy is simple yet rigorous: we create exclusive garments that are not just a symbol of luxury, but a testament to our keen eye on craftsmanship, quality, and fashion trends.

We are tied to our past by a strong thread that alongside innovative strategies will pull us toward new horizons.